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Biological Anthropology 101

Biological Anthropology Lab 105

Cultural Anthropology 102

Biological Anthropology 101

Australopithecus sediba

Introduction to human evolution. The evidence for human biological and behavioral adaptations is examined. Issues and topics will include the principles of genetics and evolution, human variation, comparative primate anatomy/behavior and an assessment of the human fossil record.

Lab component:

Students are encouraged to co-enroll in ANTHR 105: Biological Anthropology Lab.

What to Expect

This course fulfills a university level transfer course of 3 units. Time demands, reading load and critical thinking requirements are high. In addition to weekly lectures, you will be expected to invest 6-7 additional hours per week reading, preparing for quizzes and written exams, completing assignments, and working through the Human Evolution Coloring Book. On average, expect to read one chapter per week in your textbook and about 30-35 pages of reading from your supplemental assignments.