Anthropology provides multicultural coursework on all peoples, all places, and all times through a selection of offerings to meet transfer students' needs and life-long learners' interests, integrating practical materials into our lessons to provide intellectual engagements concerning human adaptation, evolution and cultural variation.

Classes I Teach

Biological Anthropology 101

Introduction to human evolution. The evidence for human biological and behavioral adaptations is examined. Issues and topics will include the principles of genetics and evolution, human variation, comparative primate anatomy/behavior and an assessment of the human fossil record. Field trips might be required. (A-F or P/NP) Transfer: (CSU, UC) (CC: ANTHR 1) General Education: (MJC-GE: A) (CSU-GE: B2, D1) (IGETC: 4A, 5B) 

Cultural Anthropology 102

Introduction to the methods, theories and insights of cultural anthropology and the application of these to life in a multicultural society. Topics include, but are not limited to: the research and analysis of culture and cultural processes; cross-cultural comparisons of subsistence patterns, economics, religion, kinship, gender, language, sexuality and political organization; and, cultural change in a globalized world. Recommended for people who travel internationally. Field trips may be required. Lecture. Transfer: CSU, UC (CC ANTHR 2) (TCSU ANTH 120) General Education: (MJC-GE: B) (CSU-GE: D1) (IGETC: 4)